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Where is the full video tutorial to use Simhona?

How is Simhona different from other period underwear?

It is easier to change, customizable, and allows for more thorough cleaning. It's basically a cross between a period underwear and a reusable pad - letting you enjoy the best of both worlds.

What is Simhona made of?

The underwear: 95% modal and 5% elastane. 

Modal is a fabric made from beech trees, which means it is generally considered a more eco-friendly alternative to cotton because beech trees don’t require much water to grow and therefore the production process uses about 10-20 times less water. It is 50% more absorbent than cotton, which allows the moisture to be wicked very quickly. It is also incredibly soft and breathable, which is another must-have on your period.

The fastener: 100% polyester

We're working to change this to recycled polyester, but in the interest of getting the product out in time, we had to have this batch be unrecycled. 

The pad, layer 1 (moisture wicking layer): 95% modal and 5% elastane 

This is just the same fabric as mentioned above, used for the same reasons

The pad, layer 2 (absorbent layer): 45% bamboo viscose, 55% cotton

Bamboo fabric is highly absorbent, able to absorb 3 times its weight. It is also highly breathable and soft. Mixed with cotton, it allows the liquid to stay locked in place - the dream team for the absorbent layer. 

The pad, layer 3 (leakproof layer): 95% modal and 5% elastane with a polyurethane laminate

We laminated the modal fabric to ensure the same softness and allow for increased breathability compared to other leakproof fabrics. This way, while the lamination keeps the liquid in, the modal allows the heat to go out. The elastane in the modal fabric gives it a slight stretch, which is beneficial when wearing the full coverage pad to allow it to reach the full length even when bloated. 

Is Simhona sustainably made?

Our manufacturer is both GOTS certified (meaning that it uses all high quality organic fibers for all its fabrics), and Standard 100 OEKO-TEX certified (meaning that every component of the product, from the fabric to the thread and accessories, has been rigorously tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals). That essentially covers all the fabrics used in all our product, as well as tells you a little bit of how seriously our manufacturer takes its own sustainability efforts. 

Our packaging is made from recycled cardboard, and the packaging is designed so that as soon as it is opened, it will once again become a flat sheet of cardboard - making it super easy to recycle again. 

Simhona was made in India, and transported via ship (uses less fuel than a plane), completely flat-packed in biodegradable bags, to us in Dubai. We opted for the product not to be packed in India as it would take more space on the ship which would be less sustainable. 

I heard period underwear have PFAS/toxic chemicals in them. Is Simhona safe?

Short answer: yes! Details below:

First off: our manufacturer is both GOTS certified (meaning that it uses all high quality organic fibers for all its fabrics), and Standard 100 OEKO-TEX certified (meaning that every component of the product, from the fabric to the thread and accessories, has been rigorously tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals). 

We then specifically got our fabric tested for total organic fluorine (an analysis which gives a quantitative assessment of both the same PFAS compounds that are currently reported by LC/MS/MS and other fluoro-organic compounds not readily determined by standard PFAS testing), and the results came back as undetectable

Is Simhona ethically made?

 Yes! This is super important to us. 

In addition to its sustainability certifications, our manufacturer also has a yearly SMETA audit. SMETA is an audit by the SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) which measures the standards of labor, health and safety, environmental performance, and ethics of a supplier, ensuring that all conditions are safe, hygienic and ethical.

To triple check everything though, we personally went to the factory 3 times, and stayed for the entire production run (15 days) to personally talk to the workers and ensure with our own eyes that everything was ethical and that all the workers were treated well. 

How much blood will Simhona hold?

Our full coverage pad holds up to 35 ml - as much as 3 super tampons, or 2 to 3 overnight pads! Our regular pad holds up to 25 ml - as much as 2 super tampons, or a little more than 2 overnight pads!

Can Simhona also work for sweat/vaginal discharge/slight bladder leaks?

As long as it's below 35 ml, it doesn't matter what's flowing, it doesn't discriminate. Given that sweat and discharge are well below 35 ml, this is perfect! Bladder leaks may be more though, so you may want to measure that first.

How long should I wear Simhona for?

There is no time limit, it's just up to you and your flow. If you already use menstrual products, try and calculate based on those - depending on the pad, Simhona holds between 25 - 35 ml. 

However, you may decide to change it earlier, depending on how you feel. We recommend you first try Simhona at home, so that you can better know your body and how you would like to wear it. 

Will Simhona stain?

Simhona isn’t stain-proof, though the materials used in pads are largely stain-resistant. Simhona's black pads also prevent stains from showing. To help avoid staining, we recommend washing Simhona on gentle/cold and hang drying.

While we're on the topic of washing, don't forget to turn your pads inside out! Otherwise the fasteners can collect fuzz.

Will Simhona smell?

Nope! When cared for properly Simhona shouldn't smell. 

How do I clean Simhona?

Take good care of Simhona, and it will take great care of you.

After use, rinse your pad in cold water to help avoid staining (you don't have to do anything extra to the underwear). 

Then, hand wash or machine wash on cold, preferably in a laundry bag intended for delicates. You can use detergent but skip the fabric softener, bleach, and iron to protect the tech. Proudly hang dry - energy efficient and stigma-free. 

We recommend avoiding putting both the underwear and the pads in the dryer, as high temperatures can degrade the elastics and fabric over time.

How long will Simhona last?

Simhona is made from premium materials that are tested for scores of home launderings. The better you care for them, the longer they will last. Be sure to rinse in cold water (this helps avoid staining) before tossing them in the washing machine. Wash with similar colors with mild detergent in cold water and hang dry.

In general underwear wears out faster than reusable pads (so if/when this does happen - hopefully several years later) our modular design allows you to just replace what you need! So you can hang on to your reusable pads and only replace the underwear - making it even cheaper than other period underwear in the long run. 

Can simhona provide protection for the unexpected arrival of my period, and/or for the first time arrival of my daughter's periods?

Nope! You can launder Simhona with other clothes or laundry. Immediately after use and before placing in a regular dirty laundry basket, be sure to rinse your pads with cold water to avoid staining. Wash them soon after use to avoid odors that could build up over several days. In other words, don’t let Simhona get buried at the bottom of your laundry pile! 

We always recommend that you wash Simhona with cold water on a delicate cycle with mild detergent, so if you choose to launder with other items, make sure it’s a load that will also account for those wash settings.

What kind of detergent can I use?

Since Simhona covers a very delicate part of your body, it’s important to avoid harsh detergents that may irritate your skin. We recommend using a mild, natural detergent or specialized detergents made for lingerie and delicates.

My undies have come to the end of their lifespan, how do I get rid of them sustainably?

First off, so proud that you're thinking beyond the trash can! 

Did you know nearly ALL textiles can be recycled? Yes, even period wear can be recycled through textile recycling services that sort them by color and material type, and shred them to become fiberfill or stuffing. To find a textile recycler near you, just search “your town + textile recycling” to see what comes up!

What size will I be in Simhona underwear?

Please check out our sizing chart to make sure you get the right size. As the product does come with a pad (which as a little bit of extra fabric), if you are in between sizes we recommend sizing up. 

How do I know which absorbency to pick?

First, calculate how much you bleed/day: if you use a menstrual cup, this is pretty straight forward, you can just measure it out, but if you use other products we've a little guideline for you to help you better calculate this:


1 light tampon: 3 ml

1 regular tampon: 5 ml

1 super tampon: 12 ml


1 regular pad: 5 ml

1 overnight pad: 10 - 15 ml

Our full coverage pad holds up to 35 ml - as much as 3 super tampons, or 2 to 3 overnight pads. Our regular pad holds up to 25 ml - as much as 2 super tampons, or a little more than 2 overnight pads. So now all you have to do, is figure out which pad matches your flow!

How do I know what length of pad to pick?

This depends on a few things - activity and absorbency. 

For example, if you're wearing it to bed, we recommend you use the full coverage pad, as you have no control over where you'll bleed, so the more protection the better. If you're just going to be sitting in an office, a regular should be fine with regards to coverage. If you're going to be doing yoga, where you'll be in all different kinds of positions - full coverage is better. If you're going to be running, where you'll mainly be bleeding in one spot - a regular pad should be fine. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that the full coverage absorbs more, so if you're a super heavy bleeder, you may just want to go with that. 

Which will work better for me, with wings of without wings?


This style is perfect if your pads tend to fold on you, as the wings will keep the pad open to prevent this from happening. The wings are also laminated on their non-fastener side, so if you are a side-leaker, the laminated wings should help stop that from happening. The wings are trimmable, so if you'd like the wings to be shorter/thinner you can trim them to your preference. (We recommend you first wear it at the full length before trimming, to be sure of the length your prefer.) 

Without Wings:

This style is perfect if you are prone to chafing as it doesn't have an extra layers wrapping around the sides. It is also great if you want the convenience of easy changing and thorough cleaning while looking like a normal underwear from the outside. The fasteners are on the back, so that the pad sticks perfectly to the underwear and doesn't move around - while also looking like a normal underwear from the outside.

Which waistband will be better for me?

Thin waistband:

The thin waistband is looser, making it more comfortable on your belly - especially if you aren't too active.

Wide waistband:

The wide waistband provides extra support, which is great if you want to make sure your underwear isn't going anywhere. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept both Visa and Mastercards (debit or credit).

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately it's not very easy for us as we are just starting out, but please email us at and we can hopefully figure something out for you!

When will my order arrive?

We’ll ship your order within three business days (starting on May 3rd), so watch for an email with tracking information. Hooray! You’re one step closer to period utopia. If you have questions about your order, please contact us at

I changed my mind, can I cancel my order?

Provided your order hasn’t yet shipped, please email to cancel your order. If your order has been shipped, please refer to our Peaceful Period Guarantee.

Any other questions about your order?

Once your payment has been processed, you’ll receive an email confirming your order (double check your spam or promotions folder just in case). We’ll ship your order within three business days, so watch for an email with tracking information. Hooray! You’re one step closer to period bliss. If you have questions about your order, please contact us at